I was at the Barcamp

February 17, 2008

<barcamp version=”5″ at=”Google,Hyderabad” on=”Feb 16 2008″>

It was a fine morning when myself and “The ever-smiling” Arula stepped in the premises of Google’s Hyderabad office at Kondapur.We got registered and made our presence in the cafteria hall.That was our first time attending a Barcamp,so we were sitting there with high expectations, waiting for the “Kick-off”.

The day started with a decent kick-off. A guy, who mentioned himself as “not a part of the younger ones of this group” presented a mini-autobiography with a tag of “Sharing the experience of starting a company”.Would have been more usefull if he had avoided being more historical.

The next session was about creating “Low cost Web Applications”. The session was very usefull and informative. The presentor had a good insight on the topic and introduced some good tools and wares for creating “Low cost web applications”.
But the session was not so interesting as it was informative.

A great talk on Blogging by Amit Agarwal,India’s first proffesional blogger. The crowd could feel his expertice on the topic from his words. Amit covered some really really important areas on blogging, not only from a technical perspective but also added some points to the mindset a blogger should posses. He shared his personal experiences in a way it had some value to the audiance. This blog is inspired by Amit.

The next session was a very very interesting,organized,focused,informative and a wonderfull talk by Safi Khan from http://www.twincling.com on Open Soure project management.He threw some light(as if it was from a 2000 watts bulb) on open source project model and management. Safi had a great geekhood on this area. He also had a great power of expression,humor and pun. No wonder he is a “Open Source” guy.

At around two, Google-sponsored lunch was served. It pleased the taste buds of everyone, especially those how missed home food,like myself and Arula.

We had a surpraise entertainment session that afternoon. A VJ from MicroSoft played some cool videos,movie trailors and clippings. The highlight was Rajnikanths intro song from Chandramugi,Chiru’s duet and a item song by Mallika Seravath.He turned Google’s office into a multiplex and was proud of doing that.He also talked something about a cross-browser,cross-platform plugin that works only on Windows and Mac called Silverlight. Everyone was wondering as to “Why SilverLight is called cross-platform?. If SilverLight is crossplatform,then why the heck does MicroSoft want Novell to write MoonLight for *nux.?”

After entertainment,the guy who single-handedly developed a portal for telugu people,working 16 hours a day bragged sorry shared his experience on his starup.The session would have been useful if he was not trying to be inspirational. I could not listen to his talk fully because i was sitting very comfortably on a bean bag soon after a great lunch. Arula just woke me after the guy finished and I gave a great round of applause to the speaker for closing the session.

Something was presented with the topic “Ruby on Rails for Startups”. Nice tutorial on Ruby on Rails. Can any one who attended please tell me how the topic was related to what was presented?

A demo by the students of IIIT – Hyderabad on “Mobile phone as a universal remote control” caught the attention of everyone. They managed to wire a circuit-board that recieves commands from mobile phone via bluetooth and controls various devices like TV, DVD Player, bulb, fan etc.

The organizers were able to provide the participants with a nice white tee-shirt and a liquid container. They could have distributed the goodies at the end because most of the people marched their way out soon after getting the t-shirts.

We had a feeling of making our saturday usefull when we walked out.It was really a good experience being at the barcamp.We could recieve a lot and could get in touch with many new guys. But I personally had high expectations for that day. Lets hope for a better day next time.